About Me

Meet the Virtual Assistant

Hey there! I’m Jasmine

One of my favorite things to do is help heart-centered and holistic small business owners with their behind-the-scenes business needs so they can reclaim their energy and focus on their passions.

I get it. You didn’t start your own business so that you could check emails, learn how to implement some new software, and keep socials updated, on top of doing what you actually love.

Whether it’s because you don’t like to do them or they’re just not where your strengths lie, trudging through *all the things* is just such a huge energy drain – energy you could be putting towards what really lights you up.

Luckily, there are people like me who do genuinely enjoy handling those business-y tasks. But more than that, I’ve found helping others in this way is actually where I thrive.

Why I Support Small Businesses

A love story

My work journey has been a bit like those love stories where everyone can see it except those actually involved.

How it started

When I was little, I would sit at the living room computer and spend hours creating lyric videos to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” in Movie Maker. Or I’d open a Word doc and write research papers on animals that interested me (in the most illegible cutesy font you can think of). Yeah, because I wanted to.

In middle and high school, I buckled down on my education and tried to figure out what I wanted to study. I.e., what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, with seemingly no experience. I bounced between math and science fields, all while my dad was in the background saying, “Business administration”. What teen ever wants to do exactly what their parents suggest though?

I settled on math and knew I wanted to go to the University of Oregon, but even after countless scholarship essays, financial aid wasn’t really in the cards. So I cracked open my first Excel spreadsheet and created a pretty robust plan and budget. Now all I needed was a job to make it happen.

My grandpa was still working, so he offered to put in a good word for me as an office assistant. Oh to be unaware of the blessing that is networking… Instead, I was stubborn and wanted to land my own job.

I was pretty into photography, so pursued that route. Insert the most stressful 6 months in customer service at a well-known mall photography joint….But I saved up what I needed!

Off to Oregon I went and after a few trials, got a job I really enjoyed. You guessed it – Office Assistant. Even better, I also switched my major to…Business Administration. Darn parents, always being right…

How it’s going

During my time as an office assistant and student, I was opened up to worlds of opportunities as my mom started expanding her holistic business endeavors. As a therapeutic massage therapist, she’s been surrounded by other intuitives and healers for 25+ years.

Now I’ve always been an introvert and highly sensitive person, so networking has never been my game. But this gave me a space to start connecting with like-minded individuals. I was able to start supporting these small businesses. Some photo editing, course reviewing, proofreading, things of that sort.

That’s when I really started to see how much of an impact I can make for heart-centered entrepreneurs. Just by doing things I already like to do.

Why I Care

At the ripe old age of 20, I experienced full on burnout. My anxiety was at an all-time high, I was having daily panic attacks, dissociating, failing classes, and missing work.

But with the help of my family and this incredible network of authentically supportive individuals, I was able to take a step back, re-center, and ask myself, What do I really care about?

While I’m still figuring it out, I’ve been trying to be more compassionate towards myself and actively pursuing a life of balance and grace. I got this, but I also don’t have to do it all. Thus, I’m a huge proponent of being intentional with your energy.

So, today, that’s exactly how I want to apply my interest in butt-tons of different things, a knack for tech, and a loving desire to help people who help people.

Other fun facts about me

  • I’ve always had pets, and currently have 2 black cats and a turtle
  • Planning is probably my favorite hobby
  • My favorite shows include Grimm and New Girl
  • I think space is pretty cool, but also plants…nature in general, really
  • Currently, I have 22 tattoos
  • I’m really good at accidentally calling people old… whoops
  • I was born and raised just outside of Sacramento, CA
  • My goal is to go back to school and study something environmental
  • I love to go new places but I hate the act of getting there (but I better get used to it – my travel list is long!)
  • You can catch me groovin’ out to disco top hits and car dancing to classic rock

Ready to be intentional with your energy? I’m here to help!